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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

IOW Perpetual Struggle

A bright warm calm day to enjoy the lack of birds, other than gulls in. Rather than scream my head off in frustration I chose to test my  fitness and walk the coastal path  to Ventnor. Soil Hill I salute you for  preparing me for without it I would have fallen to pieces a third of the way round.
Robins Wrens Gt Tit were abundant but it took a singing Song Thrush to give me a semblance of hope. As I write a Jay is screaming to remind me I did see 4 of its brethren along with GSW, 5 LTT and a Blackbird or 3. I got 2 Greenfinch but cant claim Chaffinch.
Then I reacquainted my feet with the coast and encountered a most photo friendly Windhover (pse turn out pics!). At Ventnor I came across a Gull convention presided over by 3 Great Big Bad Gulls. Herrings in support and the small uns but yet again the LBBG wasnt represented. I got on the Ryde charabanc for a ride and leapt off by the lake in Sandown hoping for Med Gull rerun which didnt occur. As I golloped down my scran I was beset upon by a party of smartly dressed corvids namely Rooks which outmanoeuvre crows and come to bread. Hoped you enjoyed and thanks for the photo shots. There were 2 male Tufted on the water in addition to birds from yesterday. A Coot refused to budge from its chosen pavement spot so I had to circumvent the cheeky bugger.
A black cloud was hovering over the now distant cliffs so I headed back to the Hotel Du Geriatrica but not before a due hammering from some .38 hailstones. It had a silver lining: the duration was some 10 mins and in that period it dumped a present on the nearby beach. A bird chasing 2 Pied Wagtail around was a most mood lifting Rock Pipit which wasnt too camera shy.