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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

IOW Sandown & Braden

Really hard work to get the goodies today owing mainly to flooding. This area is a wetland to start with so with the streams etc overflowing it eradicated a large number of access routes and doubled the space for the wildfowl to wander. The visibility was very good it was also windy to such a degree I was reminded of you know where.
At the end of the struggle I was rewarded with a MEDITERRANEAN GULL that allowed for photos (later) plus a poss YLG. Herring Gulls & GBBGs plus many BHGs but LBBG were MIA and Common decidedly werent. I must mention the Herrings at Cowes last night have learned to fly up over the concrete and throw shellfish onto it then gobble the flesh from the cracked casing.
Other players in todays theatrical: 2 CETTIS WARBLER, 1 f Tufted, c46 Brent Geese, 100s of Canada, 4 Mute Swan, 7 LTT, few Goldfinch & Greenfinch, Green Woody, GSW, Jay, Caaawvids. There were probably distant Wigeon among the Mallard I just couldnt be sure. 5 Cormorant, Coots but just 3 Moorhen to bring to a close.

BHG on left showing black on wings