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Thursday, January 14, 2016

IOW Summary

Took a coach trip on my last full day Thursday and encountered some beautiful environs with some hilly sections resembling those closer to home. They all had one thing in common: a chronic lack of wildlife. I managed to pick up a Pheasant to add to the pr Jay in the hotel grounds earlier. A man in the adjacent seat (ex Queensbury) was overjoyed at finally spotting a few rabbits.
Just before we pulled into a rip off choccie box stop I had the luxury of spotting a Buzzard hovering over a back garden just some 5 metres above the deck. Well the winds here are equivalent to ours on a good day.
I cant comment about the Spring/Summer migrants but this has got to be the worst winter patch birding ever and a good match for Queensbury arguably.
When the coach got into Sandown the driver dropped me off on the esplanade so with about  40 mins sunlight left I dashed down to the lake.

Oi! Kerwin leave my feet alone

Within 5 mins I picked up another MEDITERRANEAN GULL. This was a 3CY bird as opposed to the adult bird on Tuesday but like that bird it decided to leave after about 15 mins. Im so glad I fired away with the trusty camera set on IA.
While this was going on a CETTIS WARBLER burst into life on the far side making the dash well worthwhile.