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Monday, January 11, 2016

Isle of Wight

After a horrific delay in Halifax we finally got moving but it took me an hour to return from the dead so birds weren't a priority.
Birds that relieved the long journey to Southampton for the 1630 ferry were:
Cormorant, Dunnock (same one as the previous stop I bet) Woodpigeons, Rooks in squadrons. A couple of Kestrel down the M1 and once we hit Oxfordshire 2 each GSW & Buzzard & a Sparrowhawk big enough to be a female. Finally came the one I was yearning for: RED KITE slowly gliding close to the roadside.
I learned something about my changing musical traits too. The driver had ongoing strings of albums sounding off and Tom Jones got my applause when it ended (yawnsville) whereas Bros Gibb kept me well entertained throughout. Reminds me there was a short period where I sang falsetto due to an inciden with some garden sh...oops sorry wrong blog.
The Shearwaters and Petrels etc will have to wait for the return in daylight as I reckon if they are a difficult bird to see at best of times I aint gonna nail em when the sun goes down.

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