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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Queensbury Ogden Res Mixenden Raggalds

I got some inspiration to go out today with a phone call from my cousin who was on Bodmin Moor nr Camelford yesterday afternoon. It involves Snipe once moor (I likes a larf I does) but with an embellishment; this one was being chased by a kick-ass male Hen Harrier. The outcome is unknown but the observer was rather excited to say the least. Let me assure you my ambitions for today don't encompass such a sighting.

At 0930 hrs I arrived at the Raggalds to find 21 Lapwing on the sports field: the flood was iced over and birdless. I went down Green Lane and up Taylor to Soil Hell, picking up 2 Mistle Thrush, 3 Blackbird, 2 Dunnock, 3 Robin, couple Crows. The top of SH was pure misery with not a single bird however on the way to Ogden Res I espied a Little Owl on the lower western slope.

Ogden Res: Bullfinch, GSW, Dipper, Nuthatch, 2 Coal Tit, pr Dunnock, Song Thrush. The Dipper was in the overflow where it stayed for about an hour. There were many small gulls on the water.
Stod Fold: 2 each of Chaffinch, Blackbird, Gt Tits and splashing about in the stream a Dipper. Mixenden Res had lots of small gulls, 2 LBBG, Grey Wagtail and 2 f Goldeneye.

BS kindly sent me a txt to say 19 Golden Plover were on the sports field at 1314 hrs so I did some manouvres and got to the Raggalds at 1425.

Sure enough they were still present and showing nicely in the sunshine. The Lapwing flock had increased to c28 birds by now.
DW also went down to view them, telling me at 1628 hrs the Goldies were still stationery but the Lapwing flock were moving off.
Turned out to be a really good day with a few annuals added to the current list.