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Monday, February 01, 2016

Catch Up Queensbury Sth

After a 3 day stretch of no birding, I finally cracked up and went out in the super gales sweeping across Queensbury at approx 1230 hrs
This was inspired by a Tawny Owl hooting away in the Park Lane area early Saturday, in fact lets call it very early. Then on Sunday afternoon DW sent me a msg informing of Lapwing and a few Golden Plover in the trailer park fields.

Binoculars were superfluous really today as the wind was so strong one could not stand still and steady the optics, one couldn't. I didn't have the heart to disturb anything lying low in the Cross Lane field so I passed by onto the trailer park: c10 Lapwing hugging the floor, c65 Starling too. Amazingly I saw a Grey Wagtail get blown across the field: I thought it was a yellow leaf until it righted itself. The odd small gull sp was flying about in the distance.

So down to the valley, hoping for Buzzard. The wind was easier to deal with down here, but it didn't bring many birds out. 2 Blackbird, couple Blue & Gt Tit, plus caaawvids. A Sparrowhawk following a Crow for some reason flew across the path in front of me.
I heard one Buzzard call and after making my way to the Swalesmoor Road end I got fairly good views of what I think was a different bird.
Picture this: I was climbing up the gradient in the mud and sh*t, being blown back down every so often when I turned round and saw a guy behind me pushing a bike! I don't know him but I think his name has got to be "Sir".