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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Letter From The Outlands

This very interesting piece of news is from DW. The top paragraph refers to a bird seen at Ogden last Wednesday; wish I'd have been there!

Just been looking at Dave Brotherton's photos from Cromwell Bottom, which includes a good photo of a female reed bunting.  Can definitely say that wasn't the mystery bird at Ogden on Wednesday.  I've also looked at images on Google for corn and Lapland bunting. Again no.   The main difference being the unmarked white chest, no spots, stripes, etc.  To use human terms, from the collar bone area, all the way across the chest was a dull browny grey collar, which went up and over its head.  There were two darker stripes on its head, running front to back. It was impossible to see either the wings or back area.  It's long gone now, so we'll never know.

Re the owl yesterday, as Tracy had been sat her jacksy all day, it was decided we'd go and stretch our legs after work.  Ogden seemed a good idea.  I said at quarter five that this was the time it showed up the previous day and lo and behold there it was.  It came from the same place as Thursday, but didn't fly around, just sat on a wall.  A nice surprise was a fox appeared behind the wall and walked into the rushes field.  Don't know if it saw the owl, but the owl saw the fox.

Not a big deal, but yesterday morning I was looking out of the back window into the garden, as earlier I'd put out some scraps for the birds.  A magpie landed on a fence post and I saw it take something out of a crack or small split in the post.  I realised it was a piece of bread it must have placed there earlier.  It has a couple of bites, then put the bread back in the crack and flew off.  Don't know why, but it really made me smile. These critters aren't stupid are they?


Thanks a bunch for this Dave. I've never heard of Magpies caching their scran like Jays are known to.