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Monday, February 08, 2016

Ogden Soaking

Taking the metreogol, metoreologi, the fwickin weather forecast at face value, i.e some sun and showers I set off for an afternoon session. Oh did they get it wrong, the smiling assassins, I got drenched and what little sun there was came out as I felt the onset of hypothermia and set off back home.

Ogden Res was brimful and every channel, gully, pathway was pouring with water. Back Lane could have been justifiably renamed as Back Brook and the main road joined in the chorus, gushing.
Birds were scarce and sporadic to say the least: not a single gull on the water but a few in the fields, flying around. 3 Blackbird, 5 Robin, couple Blue Tit, 3 unid brown jobs briefly seen, Wren. A number of Crows were around and thankfully the heavy duty krok krok of a Raven was heard and I did get to see the bird. Hooray!