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Sunday, February 28, 2016


There are birding groups in our locality who don't want you to know about "their birds" under the banner of sensitivity. This flies in the face of national orgs and TV progs such as Springwatch who actually encourage the masses to get out there and report birds, even breeding records.
Surely then these local quangos play fair and don't look at the blogs of birders who do post reports for the benefit of all interested birders and naturalists? I mean it's not British is it to withold information on one hand while gleaning it on the other? That Birdnut chap is really naive I hear you cry!
Sadly it doesn't end there and in keeping with the rancid stance, any critiscism of a birders specific recording isn't posted for all to view but in some cases, is fired from the hip or below the parapet. Which is why...
I stopped comments on my blog (and don't make them) some 16 months ago. It's also why I won't be passing on any out of the ordinary species sightings to any such suppressor parties via mobile bone or email.
It is possible to make a blog invisible to the unwanted ones by enabling Private mode. This means any viewer has to create a Google account and log in every time they feel the urge to see what isn't about etc. Not practical is it? Which is why...
I'll continue as before, take comfort from the moral high ground and perhaps keep some viewers amused (that should  read both).