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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Queensbury to Ogden

Approx 1030 hrs both Raggalds sports field & flood almost void of life except 1 Common Gull and couple Crows.
Arrived at Soil Hill to catch a Snipe in flight heading NW then it was downhill all the way: 2 Canada Geese in flight, Meadow Pipit & Kestrel, few small gulls. I did catch good views of the white weasel running around like it was on fire (JL recent report).
I gave Ogden the once over, heading off in every direction incl Giants Tooth, it was dire; 3 Wrens seen or heard in a 40 minute span. The Kingfisher has decided to leave me off it's list of observers obviously, but on the last tranche I did at least hear it.

This 2nd year gull gave me nightmares but after seeing the tail pattern in flight I rule out LBBG happily. I can't rule out YLG however because of the bulk, head shape and seemingly heavy bill. The Gull Research site shows excellent comparisons between this sp. and Herring which has to be considered.
Other sp. seen: Coal Tit, Goldcrests, Grey Heron, Grey Wagtail, Goldfinches, Pheasants, small gulls.

Bumped into JL and Mrs along with DW and we all had a jolly natter in the increasing mist and decreasing light. Thanks for the lift back Dave.