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Friday, February 26, 2016

Raggalds Circular to Queensbury

At 1125 hrs. Raggalds Flood can be sacked as it's surplus to requirements.
Bumped into JL at Soil Hill and teamwork got us a Skylark apiece.
Down the road apiece we struggled further at Ogden perhaps the cold SE'ly was responsible. After 2pm things picked up a pace so the trek wasn't entirely a waste of footwear and energy. Got my first moving Curlew of the year; 15 birds flying in and settling down. 7 Goldfinch, prob Siskin in flight calling, Meadow Pipit, scores Woodpiggies, Stock Dove or 3. I'm blaming the plethora of Maggot Pies on JL - have you heard his jokes?

 Managed to see Barn Owl thrice before the numbing cold sent me heading home via Oats Royd where I saw: 15 Mallard, Moorhen, Mistle Thrush pr, Kestrel & Green Woodpecker.
Oh lets not forget Pied Wagtail and a handful of Greenfinch at Bradshaw plus a lollipop lady who ushered me over the road rather quickly!

PS Kickass Bonus at 1935 hours. A Tawny Owl hooting away  in the trees over my back yard fence.