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Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunny Monday

Arrived at Raggalds approx 1130 hrs to find both flood and sports field sporting nowt. Soil hill can also be credited with the same result apart from a distant birder that turned out to be one DJS.
Across the road from Coal Lane I was pleased to find my first local Fieldfare of the year; c15 birds being present. Also here was 1 LBBG with only small gulls on the water down below.

Very quiet was the general tone of Ogden. In a broad sweep, incl the track towards GT & the golf course I saw 3 Goldcrest, 2 Robin, 2 Blackbird. The club house bushes offered some respite at least: a male Sparrowhawk having a  crack at a pr Goldfinch. For those who have a weak stomach for the realities of nature, the raptor went hungry.

I decided to have a crack 'pon the track nearby and it's rather fortunate that I did. A Little Owl was blasting away and then I turned around to see this cracker putting on a show.

There was even a supporting act after I decided to head for home because another tick for the annual species list turned up. 4 Siskin flew out of the conifers and had a sortie, calling loudly before making off to another part of the plantation.
Other: Stock Dove, Woodpigs, 2 Chaffinch. Blue & Gt Tit.