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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Troublesome Gull Revisited

After receiving an email from Mick Cunningham, I couldn't help but review this gull shown below:

Birdbrain: Queensbury to Ogden

When I first saw it I did consider Great-Blacked Back Gull for maybe 20 seconds before going for possible YLG on the basis of the smaller size but similar scaled down head shape and bill. What I failed to take into account and would never had consider doing so was provided by MC: the majority of inland gulls are female birds and therefore smaller in size.
I have spent more time on the Gull Research org website (something I should have done earlier) and seen many pictures of 2CY (Calendar Year) GBBG which come much closer to my bird than the YLG pics do.

In conclusion, I agree with Mick that this is indeed a GBBG and am pleased to do so, particularly as:
1: I have never knowingly had a sub-adult phase of this species at Ogden Res.
2: I've probably only ever had mebbe 8 adult Geebs (getting big headed now) in the local area over a span of 15 years.

Thanks for your input Mick, I am not worthy (particularly when I settle down to watching Justin Bieber on TV)