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Monday, March 21, 2016

Raggalds to Ogden Res

Bloomin hard graft this am at 0930 hrs in a stiff NW'ly blow. Raggalds has had it, despite still holding water there was just a Mallard and a Pied Wagtail seen.
Soil Hill: 1 each Curlew and Kestrel, 2 Pied Wagtail, c12 Skylark, 1 Moorhen and a few Meadow Pipit.

A couple of Curlew could be heard as I walked through the plantation at Back Lane and on the return leg here lookin for you know what I was happy to find the Little Owl pr engaged in vocal declarations of love (I think). Others here couple Goldcrest, Chaffinch, Woodpigs.

Ogden Res still has the drake Goldeneye present and a rather brown Cormorant on the buoy. This bird had no breeding patches and I was tempted, given the NW winds to think about Double Cres,,,, relax folks, I ain't goin there.
Gulls were down to c6 BHG and similar Common. Canada numbers started at 7 eventually growing to c13.

Desperate to find birds, I trekked up to GT where my effort was rewarded with my first visual of Red Grouse for the year. A Curlew was present along with a Meadow Pipit but nowt else.

Well done to DW for making the effort to find the Surf Scoter still in Filey Bay, a bird I've consigned to mythology.