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Saturday, March 05, 2016

South to Shibden Valley

Approx 1325 hrs mainly for the exercise as birds were at a premium apart from one fortunate blip. The local fields were devoid of bird life until I got down to the junction of Corporal & Green Lane where a pr Canada Geese reside. A small party of  LBB & 1 Herring Gull were heading NE, mirroring a similar movement this morning minus the HG.
Then it got good, a pr Buzzard and a Sparrowhawk were playing above the nearby fields. This didn't last beyond 7/8 minutes and subsequently there was nothing to see. I went right down to the bottom of Simm Carr Lane and turned up Lee Lane then walked along Swalesmoor Road with nothing worth mentioning apart from a few LTT and a pounding heart.
Tip: If you ain't done Lee Lane for a while, run up and down Perseverance Rd 4/5 times for the conditioning.