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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What A Finish a slow start. One of those days when yer not really up for it and things avian are sluggish. The salinas just down the road had a pr of Green Sandpiper fresh in and a Marsh Harrier in the distance. Pr Marbled Duck still present alongside the other species. Then it was monotonous for a couple of hours in the Albufera itself. Few Spotted Reds & Greenshank, BW Stilts, 4 Avocet, LRPs. I realised main passerine migration will be next week so I slowly loped away from the last hide - Marsh Harrier, Blue Headed Wagtail, Swallow.

I then got the necessary uplift; Osprey! low down but obscured partly by the treeline. The exit track follows the river so I kept looking up as the bird had flown in this direction. 15 minutes later I encountered 4 reserve wardens looking rather excited. "Aigle" one said to me and pointed across the river "Osprey" I rejoindered reaching panic stricken for the camera.
The bird was perched on a rock busily eating a rather large fish it had just caught and was in range for photographs. Needless to say I shot a few off and am pleased with the results. Modern cameras  have Wifi inbuilt and can upload pictures within minutes. Mine doesn't and can't so I'll just have to wait a week to post 'em.

2 Common Tern to round the session off.

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