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Friday, April 01, 2016

April Shower

How appropriate it should rain on the first day of April wetting my appetite for just a short morning session.
It was shorter than I intended thanks to the all too common closure of footpaths in this area. Seems that landowners in Yorkshire and Mallorca have quite a bit in common.

A number of Swallows were flying low over and in between treetops. 1 Kestrel & 1 Stone Curlew seen, the latter calling loudly. Serins were very vocal. 3 Stonechat & 4 Zitbags were active flitting from trackside into vegetation and back.

Glad I got back in time weatherwise now around lunch its like Queensbury on a Monday funeral service in January. Reckon I'll go to the gym with a crate of beer and some cream cakes. Nowt like sweating some weight on!

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