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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hovel to Mixenden

Nice Sunny Day eh? Good for walking but not if yer want birds a plenty. It was appalling almost if a blank was due with interest at 10 percent.
Soil Hill had the usual species mentioned recently but my gut feeling told me not to do the N slope.
So on to Ogden where 1 Green Woody, 3 Chiffchaff & 7 WW were blasting away but not much else was.

By the time I got to Mixenden Res the thought of a watery grave seemed rather attractive. Frustrated again! YWA have locked the metal gate at the entrance near where the Big/Long hedge was that no longer exists. So into the woodland track but not for long, it took me back to the heady days of swampy Belizean jungles. I managed a Goldcrest, Blackbird & Chiffchaff before escaping from the hellhole.
Needless to say the gate closure hasn't prevented the hardy locals from walking along the waterside path.

PS 5 Golden Plover in the usual Cold Edge fields nr Nolstar reported by DW.

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