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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Wind Down Day

Went to the big reserve and had a Stint lookin for Temmincks. It werent there and nobody else made any claims to the contrary.
Prior to that I'd been down to the harbour on the sea shore and got a duck that puzzled me so I managed to take a few shots. It wasnt a shy bird and stayed around, diving every so often. It was a female Common Scoter a bird I never expected to see here in the Med.

Another first for the trip was a bird just too far off in the grey conditions to photograph. A super duper Collared Pratincole on the deck and nearby was a Great White Egret feeding.
Also Cattle Egret, 2 Marsh Harrier, most of whats gone before in the past 12 days and an unid warbler job. A bonus came twofold: first I wasn't plagued by Stonechats, second I got reasonable views of singing Moustached Warbler.

Now I can look forward to a few days mebbe weeks without the stresses of having to go birding (picture a shit eating grin if you will).

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