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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Birdbrian Red Alert List

The following avian species have been lost since Britain made the foolhardy decision to join the European Union.
Not all were down to natural causes, indeed the majority disappeared as a result of over legislation and enforced land management misrule.

Blunt Nosed Snipe, Fried Piecatcher, Nasty Old Grouse, Peasant, Madpie, Harsh Warbler, Candelabra Lark, Stoned Curlew, Nightie Heron, Sardine Can Warbler, Hand Rail, Short Billed Dowager, Cowfinch, Porncrake, Stripper, Grate Northern Driver, Friggit Bird, Badwall, Moron, Oxy Moorhen, Galley Nule, Ghoul Finch (an horrifying name) Whore Finch, Raving, Pot Chard, Robbing, Red Tart, Red Thing, Rough, Sandpaper, Skewer, Turn (Your & Three Point).

May I remind you to use your vote on June 23 this year. This blog does not enforce it's will on the way you vote, but shall we say for those who don't say NO, I've just arranged a shipment of the latest HVCPSLR* for arrival on 25th June.

* High Velocity Cow Pat Self Loading Rifle