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Monday, May 23, 2016


My mate Jock Aknees and I had a long walk to his home town and said Alloa to all the people we met before going for a quick bird trip.
Surprisingly the habitat was not too dissimilar to the place I permeate therefore the birding wasn't great. Even less great was my saturation situation thanks to excessive precipitation.

2 seconds on a LEO flying into trees was the best of the evening. Or was it? because at another site which proved sterile for that species, I watched a singing/displaying Tree Pipit.
Other: 2 each Whitethroat & Lapwing, Kestrel, few Swallow, WW, 1 unid Gull flying away from me (who would'nt?). Curlew, Linnets, Skylarks, Mipits, Pied Wagtail.

Don't think I'll repeat such a trek again, better to report local and annoy the species suppressor police. Mwuuaahahaa

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