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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Low Moor Dams

Sparrowhawk male overhead from house front yard on way down to Cock Hill where 1 Swift, few Swallow, Blackcap were hanging in the 'hood.

Harold Park Lake: Mute Swan yellow leg ring 468 with 5 cygnets. I couldnt read anything from legs of its mate. 6 Tufted, 1 GSW, Coots with 2 nests and young. Numerous Canada incl. goslings.

I had the pleasure of bumping into Judy Hogg who brought me up to speed regarding Swan Y725, which happened to be the mate of the a/m 468 but had been re-ringed after a fish hook horror story.

Park Dam: 1 each Little Grebe & Greylag, pr GC Grebe with 1 juv. 1 House Martin ditto Blackcap, 2 Whitethroat. 1 Tufted, c6 Coot incl one nest where a Crow was eyeballing very recent fledgelings.
Never known it so quiet.

Came home via Shelf Moor where a Whitethroat was displaying at the Lion Gate. Hereabouts were 1 House Martin c5 Swallow, 2 Linnet, few Goldfinch, Pied Wagtail. 9 LBBG circling high overhead.
I had a traumatic experience with a friendly horse; it refused the dandelion leaves I gave to it!