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Friday, July 08, 2016

Back to Poundland

A number of Herrings seen from M'way throught to beyond Bristol. 3 Buzzard and really good if not too long a view of female Marsh Harrier hunting along edge of field. Poss another distant Marsh Harrier, Woodpigeons.

Svc stop1: Herring, Goldfinch, 2 Skylark. Then 2 Swift, 3 Buzzard, Kestrel.
Svc stop2: 1 each Buzzard & Kestrel hovering alongside one another, Herring.

I'm birded out now so here's some competition for Larkin, Hughes, Betjeman etc.
Help me get my marbles back, they just went sailing down the road.
My incontinence is really bad, my address  'Of no fixed commode'.
When visiting my GP I was given this advice "Don't buy extended play music, you'll never hear it twice".
I watched Father Ted on TV but my laughter turned to woe; outside a queue of undertakers knocking on my door.
I phoned the angel Gabriel, he answered with some ire "This is air conditioned mate, you're due for some fire".