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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Cornwall Day Trip

Spent 7 hours with relatives today on a non birding visit but some birds chose not to read the script. 5 Swift and a number of Swallows flying round the village on arrival. The place is well away from the coast but still had Herrings passing through. A couple Blackbird busy in the garden and pr House Sparrow mating. The highlight was House Martins have increased their numbers from 4 pr with nests under the family house eaves to 7 with 3  newbies under the old cottage just a metre above my noggin.

A bizarre but most satisfactory ending took place while I was visiting the old churchyard across the road. Imagining that spirit voices were saying effectively 'it won't be long before yr  joining us lad' I looked up to see 3 Buzzard circling directly over the house garden! I wonder what the Tarot card reader and Psychic lady who was sat next to me on the trip up would make of that.

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