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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Soil Hill to Bradshaw

Being a sucker for punishment I found myself up the hill from hell at approx 1340 hrs. 3 each Blackbird & Linnet, 2 each Swallow, Skylark & Meadow Pipit, WW.
Ogden Res: Cormorant down to 3; LBBG upto c17; Small gulls increased by 50% mainly BH.
1 each Grey Wagtail &  Nuthatch, 4 WW, 4/5 Goldfinch. At least I'm pushing my luck with sunburn.
Recollecting last years Spotflyfest in early Sept I went up to GT. Nowt, Nada, Nichts except the midges.

PS A last gasp goody! I turned down Blind Lane to Bradshaw at 1630 hrs and startled a f Redstart  by the stables ; it flew across the path and settled in a garden bush. 
Amazingly BS rang me up for more specific directions when I got home and as we spoke he too saw the bird.
Further down in Bradshaw were 5 Swallow and a couple of Greenfinch.

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Buteo said...

It seems there were 2 Redstarts present, refer to BS post of a distinct male.