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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wainstalls to Ogden Res

1040 hrs. Several Swallow, 4 Linnet and a pr Buzzard showing well overhead at Wainstalls.
Cold Edge dams had 6 WW & similar Linnet, 2 LBBG, 1 Cormorant, pr Tufted, 4 Mallard, c22 small gull sp.

Yet again it was very quiet from there to Withens - 1 Kestrel, few Swallow, c40 Meadow Pipit then nothing until Ogden Res.

Ogden: GCG, c62 Canada splashing about in the shallows near the Ogden Clough bridge. 3 Cormorant, c110 small gull sp. I didn't count the several LBBG but I did take a few pics of a potential YLG. The bird then repositioned itself and the non reflecting bright sunlight showed it to be LBB.

Also a few Goldcrest, Tits e.g Coal around and couple WW.

Thanks to the sharp eyed Mrs SD back in Queensbury who alerted me to a raptor coming up overhead behind me. Turned out to be a male Sparrowhawk which flapped and glided over Baptist Fold, > NW.