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Friday, September 09, 2016

Almost A Birdless Walk

I still can't get it right; some birds turned up and ruined the morning. Raggalds started off badly with 3 Wheatear but things improved on Soil Hell with just 3 Skylark & c12 Meadow Pipit.
Ned Hill performed very well - nothing and from there through to Back Lane was also very enjoyable being free of aviformes.

I was confident Ogden wouldn't let me down but it did; a close up Chaffinch spoilt the walk round. Back to joy with nothing over the bottom golf course to Brookhouse track except 4 Swallows - ecstasy almost ruled.
However once over the style to Mixamatosis misery asserted itself. A few Goldfinch, more so Meadow Pipit, many Swallow, 5 House Martin & c36 Canadas.

My binoculars are no longer necessary and so are on the market. They are average performers so if you will take £130.00 from me they are yours.
I was going to invite any potential idiotic volunteer in for coffee and cakes but I don't really dislike people that much. 

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