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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Corfu Cracker

Wed 28/09 Her indoors wanted a trip to Kassiopi so the wetlands were postponed. At around 1020 hrs stood by the bus stop I noticed a falcon flying from S to N over the beach then the road. It was a belting adult Lanner and brought much joy to a man's sore and troubled mind.
Another new holiday species was encountered at the destination - Jackdaw, c10 of 'em. Also 5 Swallow, Grey Wagtail, Hooded Crow, YLG & a c14 flock of distant unid gull sp. Back in the badlands an hour round the back fields gave up a pr Spotted Flycatcher, 1 each Blackbird & Blackcap, 3/4 Goldfinch & Greenfinch, Cettis Warbler, Grey Wagtail, shoreline YLG and to tail off the local Buzzard pr put on a show high above the hotel environs.

Thurs 29/09 Found the route to the airport lake but quickly realised only 20 percent is reasonably viewable from paths and roads. However it was still a welcome sight to see this site with jets landing and taking off every 7/8 mins and not upsetting the birds. Speaking of which, the few species encountered included c20 Grey Heron, c10 Little Egret, 1 each Kingfisher & Mallard, 4 Cormorant, 3 YLG, 1 BHG, 2/3 Mediterranean Gull, 2 Common & 1 Sandwich Tern plus a small Marsh Tern sp. which is proving hellish to id because of distance and autumn/winter plumage. So far I've got it down to either Black or Whiskered with a bias toward the latter. 3 Grey Wagtail and a pr Sardine Can Warbler seen with the usual skulkers being heard.

A Grey Heron came overhead as I disembarked the bus on return to the hotel. This about wraps up my birding exploits for the remainder of the trip, I'm hoping to have some rest before gearing up for the delights of birding back home (surely a southern rock band can see a song in that phrase?). Once again the Buzzard pr came out to play and are doing so as I write this finalè.

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