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Monday, September 26, 2016

Sod You Corfu

Sun 25/09 Now fully resigned to another week of totally crap birding. It started off ok with 2 YLG lending themselves to a spot of photography but soon zeroed in. The most frustrating aspect is Warblers chuntering away but never showing. One Sardinian being the exception in allowing a 2.5 second view. Plenty of Jays as ever, several House Sparrow & Robin, 5 Serin. 1 Sparrowhawk, 2 Buzzard, Blackbird.

Mon 26 approx 0945 hrs a Kingfisher flew near the balcony coming from the sea over the woodland. There are no rivers here so presumably it was heading for the opposite coast. The species count went up by 1 when I found a f Mallard resting on it's side at the road edge, in attendance were numerous flies. 4 YLG were in the harbour, 2 of them are now on video, to be shown later. Also 1 each Grey Wagtail & Blackbird, 2 unid unseen skulking warbler swine and a tribal Jay gangsquawk.
Oh lovely now we have a thunderstorm, mebbe something will drop in, or out...

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