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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Final Scarboro Walk

Decided to do the Harbour and Fish Quay before the return to the grim wastelands of W.Yorks.
First off were c25 Turnstone sheltering under a car! They soon came out and crept around and about pedestrians feet.

I met a local birder and we got nattering about the Black-necked Grebe that fooled me (Sorry but I didn't lose any sleep). The creature then came close to and we both fired away.

The harbour wall was next for Purple Sandpiper; I did something right and got reasonable shots of one. A Rock Pipit or two eluded my camera and I missed a Kingfisher as I turned around while chatting to another birder. A Skylark flew overhead and a Grey Wagtail was just behind my back as I conclude.

All in all an enjoyable 4 days; I can add 5 to the annual list and also saw a pr Dolphin I forgot to mention from Monday.