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Monday, October 24, 2016

Ogden Treecreeper Mystery

Denise Shields and I met at Ogden Res this afternoon and she photographed a Treecreeper which appears to be the same bird as BS got a week or so back. This bird has the appearance of a Short-toed Treecreeper in that it has very noticeable brown flanks and a long beak. Exceptionally it also has an extended supercilium which also brings into question the northern european race of this species.

Photographed by Denise Shields.
Isn't this black notch jutting into the gold wingbar diagnostic of Treecreeper rather than short-toed? 
Supercilium not white enough for Northern. Upperparts not cold greyish enough for Northern ie too brown and 'paler' areas
 eg feather tips too buffy, not white enough, Flanks within variation for British Treecreeper

A BHG with leg rings was also seen.

This maybe the same bird that I saw and reported to EURORING in 2015 as the ring VS20 certainly brings back memories. I will check my records and revert.

Addendum: 1 I'm glad I did check on the BHG ring as I told DS it was probably the NORWEGIAN gull I had in 2015 whereas this bird was ringed thus.

Add 2 MC took time off his busy schedule to comment on the Treecreeper which I have added below the photo. Any mention of Short-toed originated from myself; everybody else is Not Guilty!