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Monday, October 31, 2016

Queensbury to Ogden Res

At 0804 hrs BS sent me a txt msg about migrants pouring over Queensbury so I dashed out back to see many Woodpigeon heading SW. 8 LTT were highly visible in the tree over the back yard but after 4/5 mins they fled the scene.
Refer to West Yorkshire Birding for the fuller picture.

I legged it up to Soil Hill with urgency, picking up a few Goldfich at Mountain, c60 Lapwing & c28 small gull sp. on Raggalds sports field.
SH 0935 hrs a total clanger; for the first time in ages not a single bird on the top field nor N slope.

Ogden Res was quiet in the main but another leg ringed BHG black on yellow PA19 right leg, was found by DW and DS separately. I enjoyed a natter with both these stalwarts but I missed the gull.

Both pics courtesy DW
DW who arrived at Ogden at approx 0845 hrs also mentioned a Treecreeper, numerous Goldcrest and 5 Jays present at that time.
The Little Grebe was still present as were single LBBG, LTT, Chaffinch & a Raven flying around the W woodland. This is my first Raven in a long time in what has been a poor year for the species.
Finally a pic from DS that would have made the highlights on last weeks Autumn Watch...

Pic by DS

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Buteo said...

Still getting 2 Nuthatches, 2 GSW and White Crow in the garden today