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Monday, October 10, 2016

Soil Hill and Ogden Res

SH 1035 hrs. A Herring Gull over Perseverance Rd > E. 2 Pied Wagtail, ditto Skylark. c18 Lapwing, c12 small gull sp, 1 each Goldfinch & Linnet. A handful of Meadow Pipit, 1 each Grey Partridge & Kestrel.
The Jack Snipe was active again, flying from the wet area on the track by the mounds and 10 mins later from the N slope. Some 3 hours later on revisiting the hill with DW, it flew up from the E side of the track where nearby in a small puddle lurked the pr Teal.

Bill too big for Common & BHG for size comparison

Please don't ever do this to me again!
Ogden Res was generally quiet but had a couple of interesting patches. First off was an unusually darkly marked apparent 2cy Herring Gull showing a bill suggesting Ring-billed gull. Several photos helped define the correct species, I think! even if it did like to pick up a twig in it's beak giving the impression of Hammer-headed gull.
Sharp eyed DW picked out a female Blackcap and by Skirden Clough bridge there were 2/3 Coal Tit, Gt Tit & a really good count of c16 LTT along with a couple of Goldcrest.
Other: 1 each Cormorant, Jay, Blackbird.