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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Soil Hill Delivers

SH approx 1010 hrs. A pr Teal were whizzing around and at one time dipped down toward the newly formed quarry lake opposite the farm shop. They didn't stay, preferring to return to the top track and hang around the 2/3 small pools that are more or less permanent there.
I hit the jackpot on searching the not so permanent pools just to the east of the mounds. A Jack Snipe took off from 2.5 metres away, climbed then about turned and dropped down on the main area of the top field. This is by far my earliest record for this little belter, beating my record of 2 years ago on October 15 by a week.
I bumped into a self-admitted novice birder who I know socially who told me she had just seen 2 waders take off. As I managed to get 3 Common Snipe, I feel it prudent to assume these would have been the same species.

The Ned Hill track was very busy and I feel I missed identifying a couple of the birds at the end where the house and bushes are. There were 4 LTT, a female Stonechat pr Dunnock, pr Robin, pr Blackbird (also 2 more in Coal Lane) & 3 Goldfinch active. Others: c80 Canada Geese, 1 each LBB, Common Gull & c9 BHG, 2 Skylark, few Meadow Pipit, Mistle Thrush.

Then down to my nemesis, Ogden Res. 3 Cormorant, 1 each LBBG,  GSW & Redwing, 5 Greylag. At 1211 hrs I called BS to advise him of a clear but unknown song coming from the Willows down his Passerine Alley. The bird kept it up for a good 7 minutes; I have subsequently listened to Firecrest and YBW and can rule these species out. A few Goldcrest were scampering around this area and I saw c18 Chaffinch fly across the water; upon following, I failed to see or hear any Brambling.
Walking from the promenade across toward Mixenden, I picked up c25 Goldfinch, 4 Mistle Thrush and 3 Redwing. Mixenden Res was comatose, just 1 BHG.