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Monday, October 24, 2016

Soil Hill & Ogden

Several Wood Pigeon, 2/3 Redwing and a Grey Wagtail over the Tesco car park on leaving the hovel.
Jack Snipe, 3 Common Snipe, c40 Fieldfare, 5 LBBG, c70 small gull sp, c50 Lapwing, few Meadow Pipit and a Goldfinch on SH from 0955 hrs.
An obvious example of migration being a Goldcrest in a stunted willow on the N slope of the top field.

Ogden Res: 1 each Goldeneye, Little Grebe & Cormorant. A single Crossbill was in Back Lane plantation prior to arrival along with 3 Chaffinch and a couple Goldcrest.
The larger flock of Chaffinch were still in the usual place along with 6 Bullfinch, 1 Coal & 1 LTT also 2 Goldfinch.
2 LBBG  were in with the small gull flock which seems to have grown in number.
Denise came along and amongst a tit flock mentions a potential migrant Treecreeper doing the rounds.
I pulled off a bit of wizardry and avoided the embankment Kingfisher again.