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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ogden Pintails Perform

Prior to visiting Ogden in more salubrious condtions, DP took us down to Raggalds Flood to check on the visiting Teal reported by DW at approx 1010 hrs. The 10 birds seen by DW were now down to 6 at 1125 but still a welcome sight as I had written this location off for the duration.
Thanks for the tip off  Dave.

On the way to the drink via Back Lane we got 1 mebbe 2 Crossbills calling quite clearly overhead, it/they seemed to head for the main reserve, change their minds and revert. 3 Goldcrest were also seen here.

The Pintail pr did give us a bit of a runaround but finally we got to them and enjoyed some really close up views of what is a very Admirable Anatidae 

Thanks for the ride DP, I will send you some pics a.s.a.p