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Friday, November 11, 2016


Hi Nigel, A nice find with the Mandarins, by-the-way,  you must have been dazzled!. Also, there was a ringed BHG from Poland a couple of years back too, I haven't checked the dates.
Business of the day: Waxwings in the trees on the south side of the garden this morning around 8am. Not that I had a decent look at them, never mind a shot. As I came through the lounge this morning I was vaguely aware of a good number of birds in the trees, thought they'd be the usual suspects. Dragged open the curtains on the patio door, scaring up another bunch including Stock Doves (up to 9  some days), Collared Doves, Chaffinches, Goldfinches-usual things. opened the patio doors, heard Waxwings. Stepped out in time to see birds fly off south from the very tops of the trees-no count but more than half a dozen at least.
Brambling in on 7th and I saw it again yesterday, although it doesn't appear very often.


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Buteo said...

Outstanding Denise,thanks for yr Email. I will probably publish the attached pics tomorrow.