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Friday, December 09, 2016

Birdbrain: Ringed BHG Feedback

Birdbrain: A New BHG Ring for Ogden

I received a reply from the ringers for green leg ring JET6 not JE16 as I quoted in error. Unfortunately it was in code so I've had to decipher the key facts which leads to somewhat minimal output.

Ringing Centre: Stavanger Museum Norway

Ring Number: 6236543

Age of bird: 2CY

Sex: Yes Please,er, I mean Unknown.

Ringed: Mosvatnsparken, Stavanger Norway. 58deg;57'34 N 005deg:42'33 E

Date Ringed: 06/07/2016

This bird was subsequently seen around this area on 24/07/2016 & 24/09/2016 until the Ogden sighting. This is now the second BHG recorded in our area from Norway.