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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Park Lane Bird Reserve

Thought you might be interested in yesterday's haul from the garden which included-like something from The Twelve Days of Christmas: at least 6 Brambling, 5 Redwing-seeing off the last of the holly berries, 4 Bullfinch (1m; 3f), 3 Jay, 2 Nuthatch and a ringed Blackbird which has been coming in since 19th December. Yesterday, I managed to get enough pictures to piece the ring's details together and it's Finnish. I sent the information to the BTO so we'll see what comes of that.

One of the Jays buried a peanut, covered it with moss then carefully placed a stick to mark the spot.

House Sparrows, ousted by house-building down the road, seem to have adopted us; our maximum is 17.


Thanks for this fascinating info Denise, especially the ringed Blackbird and 6 Brambling. Over the next few days if you see a tent erected in a corner of your bird refuge, don't fret twill only be me!

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