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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Soil Hill Delivereth

A Peregrine Falcon at 0955 hrs in a WNW'ly strong wind. Most welcome as it is a local annual tick on the last day of the year.
I thought there was a pair at one stage as another bird interacting in a brief chase appeared to have swept back pointed wings also. However after the excitement was over and the original bird had given me another 20 seconds worth, I'm just going to log the one on Birdtrack.
The only other birds seen were a few small gulls and a male Reed Bunting.

Ogden Plantation was quiet, just a Blackbird, a few Woodpigs and 2 finch sized critters that were too quick for me to id.
While walking down Back Lane I saw a Stoat peering at me from behind a supposed stone. It came closer and looked at me for about 10 seconds then dashed into a hole in the wall.
I walked to the stone only to find it was a freshly killed Rabbit! I left quickly and I hope Stoaty had a good meal. The animal wasn't dressed in Ermine, an indication of another mild winter so far.

Ogden Res was appalling again. The only small birds seen were 4 Robin.
3 Redwing and a modicum of Goldfinch and Jackdaw were in the Blind Lane area of Bradshaw.

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