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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Soil Hill & Ogden

SH  1045 hrs.
c26 Fieldfare, 1 Meadow Pipit ditto Reed Bunting. The same no. of Fieldfare were seen later on over Coal Lane in with a flock of c60 Starling.
At 1126hrs I was standing on the W slope when I rcvd a msg from DJS then the same txt alerting me of a large nr of PFG from BS a minute later.
Up went the optics and at a distance flying WNW were 2 skiens of Pinkfeet sandwiched somewhere between Dean Head and Stoodley Pike. Impossible to count but I guestimate 330 birds.

I went over the main road to give Ogden Plantation a coating of eyeballs. Lo and behold I got a flock  of 34 PFG coming in from the NE behind me heading S. I alerted BS hoping they would be visible from Queensbury and as we spoke a second smaller wave of 18 birds came over heading the same way. DJS was also informed of this sighting as was DW - both failed to get 'em unfortunately.
A very satisfactory morning for the Pinkieton Detective Agency!.

Reality asserted itself at Ogden Res; Human and  canine presence far outweighed birdlife.

Only BHG with leg ring VS20 is worth a mention, it was seen again on the railings. This is the Stavanger, Norway bird that has been reported here this Autumn/Winter at least 3 other times.