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Monday, January 02, 2017

Queensbury Circular

Nothing doing from home to Raggalds but just one field up Soil Hell did produce birds. On the S slope above Farside Farm were c60 Starling, 4 Fieldfare, c12 Redwing, 2 BHG & 10 Lapwing working the ground together.
The top field was sterile but c20 Lapwing were in the field by the bottom pond.

Apart from the aqua gang, Ogden was almost like a vacuum birdwise but rocking with visitors and vehicles. The only passerines seen were 1 each Blackbird, Goldcrest & Great Tit. Other: 1 Pheasant, few Woodpigs.

Oats Royd was really grim; 2 Meadow Pipit in the fields was all on offer.
Via DW a Crow chasing a Buzzard was reported by DM at Green Lane Qnsbry Sth.

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