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Friday, January 13, 2017

Today's Local Birds

Approx 1025 hrs went to Foster Park in the snow and as expected not much doing. 1 each Magpie, Jay & Redwing, 7 Blackbird, 2 Blue & 1 Gt Tit, Dunnock.

Then at 1432 hrs I got a very interesting call from BS informing me of 6 Waxwings at Moor Close Road, Queensbury. I rang DW who probably didn't shut the door as he bolted out of the house to find them; find them he did as these pictures show.

All pictures DW
I am grateful to Brian for the phone call; hopefully they will be there in the morning.

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Birdnut said...

After a call from BS this am, DW and I both individually combed the entire area for almost an hour. No Waxwings were seen nor heard.