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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Park Lane Update

Hi Nigel, 

There were 23 Brambling today but not the ringed individual. It was here again yesterday but I couldn't get anything on the ring. Let's hope it hangs around for a while.

The white crow has found a source of food, as you can see-not from us!  Up to 4 Bullfinches coming in, the Treecreeper was here for quite a long time.

Pics: Denise Shields
This afternoon and this morning's bonus bird, was a Siskin.

Denise 06 Feb

Thanks yet again Denise for this info. Caught up in the Brambling avalanche recently, it's been easy to forget what other good birds you get as visitors.

PS This morning 7 Feb there were 34 Brambling in the garden.