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Friday, February 03, 2017

Queensbury Bramblefest

Hi Nigel, Just to let you know, I'm still seeing Bramblings, daily, in various parts of the garden but they sometimes congregate under the feeders at around 2pm. There have usually been 9 or 10 birds but this afternoon there were 20. I was trying to see how many I could get in a frame and, unfortunately, didn't notice the right-hand bird until I checked the pictures. The ghastly crop doesn't reveal anything useful. There's a challenge, if it comes back tomorrow...

Pictures Denise Shields
The Finnish Blackbird is still coming in. My Garden Birdwatch count included 14 Stock Doves, 18 Blackbirds and more Bramblings than Chaffinches.

Denise 02 Feb

Thanks a lot Denise; what an impressive count for not only the local but I should think a wider West Yorkshire area.