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Friday, February 10, 2017

Queensbury Brambling Saturation Continues

Just an up-date for you. After several hundred shots, I managed to piece together the ring details for the afore-mentioned Brambling and it was ringed in Brussels. I've sent the details off through EU-Ring and I'll let you know if there's much more of a story. 30 birds here yesterday and a similar number today. One of the males is in very smart plumage.

Photos: D Shields
The Finnish Blackbird is still around. The next photo-challenge would be to get both ringed birds together...

Thanks once again for the news update Denise and the great pictures.

Other news today from DM: A Brambling seen near garden feeders in The Hough, Northowram along with a Greenfinch. 2 Redwing and 6 LTT were seen in the wider area and a Buzzard reported calling from the W side of Shibden Valley.