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Friday, February 03, 2017

Queensbury to Shibden Valley

At 0955 hrs a short session of about 10 mins in Foster Park got me: 3 Blackbird, 1 Jay, few Blue & Gt Tit and 6 Brambling. The latter were in the hedgerow within the top Park Lane entrance, but I bet I know where they were thinking of going or had just left..

One Skylark and 3 Common Gull around Corporal Lane, then for a good hour or so, it was downhill all the way both literally and metaphorically. Shibden was almost like an avian vacuum: any action took place sporadically within a minute or so. Again Blue/Gt Tits mainly with some colour provided by Green Woodpecker, Buzzard and Nuthatch. A Tawny Owl did call briefly.

The return leg proved rather interesting; uphill all the way and I discovered a new marine training route.🏃 Barbed wire, steep inclines, boggy bits ankle deep if you were lucky. At least I proved I'm fighting fit - fighting for breath and fit to drop 💩👅