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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Raggalds to Stod Fold

8 small gulls on the flood. At 1130 hrs half way up the hill from hades a Green Woodpecker flew across Perseverance Rd > W then switched direction to Bradshaw. The hill top had 10 Skylark most of them singers. A local chap told me a Snipe was flushed earlier.
Looking down at the N slope bottom fields were uggins of Starling in with c200 Lapwing but no sign of the Golden Plover seen by BS last night. A Herring Gull high up was circling.

Ogden plantation coughed up c22 Fieldfare then the taps got turned off. The res was tear jerkingly boring and Stod Fold too was inert. Time to leave and return home and give Mixenden a miss.

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