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Saturday, March 04, 2017


After a report of a Barn Owl being seen, I visited the site with an optimistic air. This didn't last long upon encountering a person actually walking around the private land. Then to compound the issue a jolly family party let both their dogs loose, which then ran amok in the field that we view from the bridle path.

I went for a walk around the res which produced more tourists and gulls followed by a last gasp attempt at the track. A Raven called and I spent some time chatting to AC and watched 4 more people stroll the juncus field as 15 Curlew came over from NE. A small party of Goldfinch also turned up also Song Thrush, Blackbird, Bullfinch. Further down the road apiece a pr of Lapwing were displaying.

Owing to events occurring today which led to the infringement pertinent to the Schedule 1 Breeding Birds  list, I feel obliged to restrict viewing of this blog to those I feel are responsible people. In fact, I have to admit I slipped up by posting news of a sensitive species in the first place, even though the location was not specified.