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Friday, May 05, 2017

Local Rubbish Birding

Today was the day to pay your dues at both Ogden and Mixenden. I've learned to accept the balancing act of 1 or 2 very good days will result in a terrible day soon after but it doesn't make it any easier.

I scoured the tops of Ogden for migrants and came up with WWs and the odd Chaffinch only. A pr Oystercatcher on the E shoreline allowed a short photo shoot but the disturbance from visitors soon had them leaving.
Others: 1 each LBBG, Cormorant, Song Thrush & calling Green Woody, 4 Swallows.

The walk via the golf course was abysmal with 3 Blackbirds and 2 Meadow Pipit to show plus 1 Curlew.
Mixenden Res can be drained anytime they want -  4 Canada, Redshank ditto Swallow & Chiffchaff.
E'ly wind go and do one 😥